About Naughty Contacts

Naughty Contacts is a contact magazine that is available all over Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and contains contact adverts from, open minded people covering all counties in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Placing your advert in Naughty Contacts is completely FREE we don’t discriminate if you are a couple, single male or female, gay or TV we welcome you all.

No premium rate numbers for advertisers in this magazine, all adverts contain direct dial phone numbers of the advertiser. No third party, we give you direct contact with lots of hot sexy swingers and singles for the price of the magazine. No monthly subscription or worrying about what name may appear on your credit/debit card each month.

Magazines can be easy to hide, but websites leave a trace on your computer and that can be embarrassing for you should others use your computer.

Make sure that you get your daily dose of Naughty Contacts the only contact magazine with direct dial phone numbers.

Imagine being able to buy a magazine that has real phone numbers of people who are interested in hooking up for real sex.

Just so you know we do our best to make sure that the personal adverts submitted to us are not from escorts or from people wanting to charge for their services.

If you want to meet swingers and other hot singles be they male or female and get their phone numbers then this magazine is for you. There are not many websites out there that do that they all want to collect your data and use it to market it to you.

If you feel you need to know more about placing your advert in Naughty Contacts please feel free to send us an email and we will do our best to help you with your query and to encourage you to place your advert.

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